Cake Presentation
To the Lord Mayor of Cardiff

The Lord Mayor of Cardiff has been presented with a cake from a long forgotten recipe book published in 1807 called the London Art of Cookery.

The cake, using an original recipe from the book was presented to the Lord Mayor by Jenny Kenna – author of the forthcoming cookery book a ‘Georgian Kitchen in Wales.’

The recipes for many fine dishes prepared for previous Cardiff Lord Mayors  including the Marquess of Bute at his family banquets also came from The London Art of Cookery.

And Cardiff’s first elected Mayor, Thomas Revel Guest, in 1835 no doubt would have consumed dishes from the original cookery book at civic banquets at that time.

An original edition of The London Art of Cookery was inherited by Jenny’s husband.  Generations of his family considered this treasure too precious to be displayed so, carefully wrapped in tissue paper, the book had always been stored out of sight.

When the time had come for it to be unwrapped and its contents examined, Jenny was fascinated. She was holding culinary history in her hands and, as she pored over the old recipes, she felt compelled to delve into the past and discover why this book had belonged to her husband’s family, the Allens.

The trail took her back to late eighteenth-century Cardiff, and a surprise. She discovered that the family had owned a thriving catering and confectionery business at 3 Duke Street, adjacent to Cardiff Castle.

The book is packed with recipes. Some will be old favourites, but many are unfamiliar – such as Quaking Pudding, Beef Gobbets, Pickling Nasturtiums, Whigs and Love Apple Sauce.

Jenny said: “I decided to update many of the recipes for my new book, and, as I did in my last book, Susan’s Secrets, a Victorian Kitchen in Wales, I assembled an array of friends, actors, television personalities, writers, sportsmen and chefs to test and taste them. I am honoured to be able to present a cake from A Georgian Kitchen in Wales to Cardiff’s Lord Mayor.”

The Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Councillor Professor Delme Bowen said: “I was delighted to receive a ‘slice of Welsh History’ from Jenny and I look forward to trying many more of the recipes contained in her forthcoming book.”

A Georgian Kitchen in Wales, researched and written by Jenny Kenna, will be published by Ceiniog later this year.